betcha didn't know ishless is a word!

so today at 6:30 in the morning i receive an email from my agent saying i need to meet with him tonight to go over my so i have THE most stressful day at work but i totally suck that crap up cuz i know acting has to come first and NOTHING can get in its way so i make my way down the 101 freeway..cringing as i come to the spot where my car went berzerk the other day and make it to the agency in pretty good timing...desperately bogart a parking spot which gets me cussed out-it's a parking jungle out here! and rush inside to meet him ONLY to stay for like 10 minutes at the most. he sat down with a little red marker. told me which ones he likes, (which i can't see how) and then sent me on my way. OH! he did sign me up for la casting and some other casting web site so not all my haste was in vain. :) good times...spent another hour on the freeway trying to get home but it's all good. i'm printing out my acting resume for tomorrow. getting a pic ready and going to bed early. tomorrow's my big day. i can't wait to meet this woman. who knows what'll happen...i'm just pumped and scared ishless!


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