bend it like beckham

gotta love laid back saturdays. today i slept in, cleaned up my little place, worried about how i'm going to pay for everything i'm supposed to pay for in life (no change) and ran some errands. now i'm back at home in my pj's watching bend it like beckham and sipping spiced tea. good times ;) tomorrow i plan to watch pride and prejudice with my girlie bree and have lunch with her. it's pretty much a good chill weekend. oh! i found this african american power agent in hollywood doing big things in hollywood and so i did my research and found her email address. it couldn't hurt to hit her up and see if she's ready to get a newbie under her belt that's a great in the making :) if anyone else wants to start a petition egging this woman to work with me just let me know :) i'll send along her information and we'll make this political folks! so what do i do? i have an agent that is slower than turtles taking a pooh guys...i have to fight for what i want! i'm about to write some authors of books i like that i know are being made into films. :) what can i say, i'm bored and antsy at the same time. anyone wanna see v is for vendetta as much as me?!


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