the beach

yesterday was one of THE best days of my life. i took the day off and hung out with my boy at the beach. we started the day off by going to breakfast at this diner down the street from my house that I love, then we went to starbucks, grabbed some caffeine (cuz it was frickin early in the morning) then we headed for the santa monica pier. we just walked around, ate lunch outside, went and saw slevin (WHICH ROCKED!) and then went walking along the beach...took the shoes off, got some icecream and just chilled ...from around 10 in the morning until 8 at night! we ate dinner on the actual pier at this mexican restaurant. it was just a chill good day. i wanted to fall asleep right on the ocean so bad...the beach bums sleep near heaven.

i didn't want the night to end. i tried a churro for the first time too :) good day...good company. i needed that!


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