v-day has come and gone!

wow...so that nasty day is FINALLY over. yesterday i sat at my cube and looked around in utter amasement at what i witnessed. there were grown ass women (pardon my french) parading their silly flowers (that may i remind you will DIE soon) around to single women and it was just disgusting me. personally flowers aren't my bag but i could see single women just looking as depressed as they possibly could because some dingle dork from a thousand years ago decided to be a saint and secretly marry folks when it was illegal to do so. ahhh ladies. we can't let something birthed by hallmark inc. get to us like that. it's just a day. i decided to be my own and my friends just for shits and giggles and it was great. i went to starbucks after work, got me a cinnamon frapp, headed over to taco bell (because i LOVE it) then went home and watched a good flick. it was lovely. my boy decided to join me cuz he said it sounded like fun (lol although he later regretted the taco bell-only the few strong can handle some good bell food). it was tight ya'll. now it's over but those damn flowers are still around. i have allergies too and had to go pick some up at the front desk for a sick chick in my department...everyone suddenly put me in the cool group when i was walking up stairs saying "oh your man finally delivered yours" like they were worried for me but i proudly said they were not mine...ironically trying to belittle the darn roses as much as possible.

now if i can just get out of this funk that my work keeps forcing me into i'd be swell. it's coming...the clouds are about to part. my agent is as we speak looking over my shots and hopefully he picks some soon so i can start auditioning! yahooo! wish me luck!


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