ok so someone else's blog totally just got the song "closing time" stuck in my head...doh! it won't leave! someone help me!

i've just sent pictures to be printed and copied to my agent and he's currently looking at my acting resume (that's not supposed to be a joke-i actually have one as puny as it is). hopefully it all goes cool. i'm trying to find a new job too. i applied to be a "valet girl" it's this really silly gig that a lot of chicks out in l.a. do to get 'discovered' and they make great tips in the process. i'd just park cars all night, but supposedly look cute in the process. we'll see if i get a callback or not. i actually had to submit a headshot resume for that ish!

i got a new book that i'm reading too. it's called _mixed: my life in black and white_ and it's funnier than i don't know what. one thing though: i actually feel kinda funny reading it in public. is that funny?'s got this big pic of this curly haired girl on the cover (the author duh) and then in big words it says "MIXED"...i secretly think everyone thinks it's a 'how-to' i'm reading to learn about myself at 24. i just love biracial perspectives, but i'm a self-conscious dork nonetheless...luckily not enough to get me to stop reading it in public...same thing happened with malcolm x..i thought everyone thought i was militant..maybe you can judge a person by their book's cover, who knows! all i know is i'm a spaz.

i hope that i have a good weekend. i can't wait to sleep in...chill and hang out with my peeps. my boy best friend out here and i are hanging tomorrow afternoon, i've suckered him into watching some of my favorite flicks and going with me to 21 choices..the best frozen yogurt place in the world. it should be really fun. then tomorrow night i think my girl and i are gonna go dancing..we got a nice little tease last weekend at her lil bro's birthday party and it's her weekend without her son so i do believe i'll be shaking my lil tail feather tomorrow night. if i'm not being too much of a grammama. ;) we'll see. you never know with my butt! i plan to go see Madea's Family Reunion too this weekend. I thought for the longest time i'd hate Tyler Perry films...(me being a snot) but "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" was terrific so I can't wait to see this new one. Oh I saw "Freedomland" last night..don't know if I liked that one yet or not. Let me think on it and i'll give you my thumb up or down verdict.

ok it's time to eat. my stomach is having intricate conversations with me :) ciao!


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