superbowl sunday!

hey hey hey.

so last night i went out with my girls during the day and saw the movie "something new". it was tight ya' roommate (always the professor) of course had to dissect that ish and talk about the complications associated with a successful black woman in the media choosing a white male over a successful black man, but i went to see that flick with only the intentions of being entertained and i was. great acting, good was even cool to see the black folk areas of los angeles...don't get it twisted folks...for all of you back in the midwest-- all the shots you see are near crenshaw or on crenshaw lol...yeah...south central--the same areas the media likes to say are black-infested gang banger areas..don't believe the hype. there is a huge group of black intellectual/artistic/creative beautiful folk living in the area. i'm in love with it.

later after that flick and some shopping down in santa monica i went out again to see a flick with my girl bree and that was lovely. we saw "brokeback mountain" and it was disturbingly beautiful. i sat there after it was over and just fought back tears. there's brief images of what hate can do to the gay community and it was really hard for me to shake that. it also brings up strong emotions associated with cherishing the time you do have with the one you love...and the cast was phenomenal...phenomenal!

i hate to sound bubbly and uncool but the best part of going to burbank to see that last flick was this little 9 year old in front of me. i was walking thru the ticket line and i hear this little girl making this familiar weird sound and i seriously flipped out (you can ask my girl)...i make this sound by curling up my fingers to my mouth and saying "girl" into the small hole my fingers just sounds funny as all get out and i heard her doing this..i've never met anyone else that's ever done that before..her mother said she was on a kick and wanted to know if it was from a movie...and it's not. i have no idea how she learned to do it. lol...i love it! the mother wasn't as amused...i said i did that and she looked at me and replied "yeah well she's 9" lol...sorry if i'm still a 'kidult'...gosh!

so yeah. i've had a pretty layed back good weekend. today is superbowl sunday...i'm going to my home girl brandi's house for a day of screaming and shouting...go steelers! i'm even bringing some bbq sauce from kc that's famous...gates ya'll! mmm it's about to be on and poppin. since friday i seriously have been lovin life...i can't explain know those days where you just feel beautiful and able?! friday i hung out with a guy friend and we just ate ice cream in a little grassy area in a parking lot and listened to music...i sat there vib'in and i just felt lavendar and and chill...beautiful and able and it hasn't stopped. :)


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