mmm water

so i had an audition today for a water brand lol...i had to 'act' as though i hadn't had a drink of anything for 3 a desert. the casting director specifically said do not be cute i get up there with my blind butt (no contacts ya' eye remember?) and start gulping that ish in the most unattractive way...

the nerd in me broke free! i really can't do pretty very well. it just doesn't suit me ok? was entertaining though to watch the other girls in my group do sexy "i'm dying of thirst but don't i look hot while i'm dying?" stuff...and watch the guys in our group react to this sexual thirst quenching moment...hee hee. it was good fun and i'm glad i had the opportunity to go. thanks mr. agent...for once

so yeah if i get it, it will only air and be published (commercial and print ad) in japan so if you happen to go their you might be able to catch me in a water ad. i should find out soon if i got a callback or not lol....i'll let ya'll know!

isn't life grand?

on the boy front...i had a dream last night...woke up with some tears cuz i realized the reason i was dreaming what i dreamed is because i was wishing it consciously. gets easier i know...i know. i'm meredith right now...the ordinary girl that's more obsessed with her love life than her budding's alright though : ) don't ever let me do grey's comparisons again time only...


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