today i'm just having one of those days where i just love life and all the good stuff happening in it. i keep thinking about one of my boys and the new woman in his life that he has fallen in love with and i just felt really giddy. last night i saw a guy propose to his girl at his surprise birthday party and it was beautiful to see love before my eyes. the boy was literally sick to his stomach the whole night. every time his wife to be came around him he'd grab his stomach and try to get away without being obvious. she was complaining that he was ignoring her lol...turns out he just kept trying to wait for the perfect time. gotta love it. love can be so inspiring..even when i'm unsure of it and scared to death that it won't exist for me i still can't resist watching people look at each other in that way.'s all around me lately too. i just read something on about how love is just something in our brain similar to chocolate. just a reward/an obsession that we have to have...for the bitter girl in me this makes sense but how do they explain the fact that it's been forever and a day since i've been in love and i still crave it like it was yesterday..despite all of the negative associations that followed falling in love? explain that psych majors!

so yeah, i admitted it...i pine at times. who doesn't?


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