killin it son

ok so to continue on with my last blog, the whole weekend i was feeling like a million bucks...the weather's been perfect, i've just been beaming from ear to ear, but this nasty heifa at my job is sadly diminishing my ability to live my life like it's golden...this woman has me screaming inside from the time i arrive to work to when i's not the point where now i have to start looking for a new job. i need something that's just a mindless money maker so i can focus on what i came here to do...i didnt' move all the way out to cali so that i could have yet another deranged woman making my working life a living pooh. is it really possible to tune these kinda people out? why do they get to me so? to the point where i'm blogging about them! ahhh! i did make a delightfully yummy frozen pizza...putting it in the oven counts as 'making it' and i'm about to watch some american idol which i haven't gotten a chance to look at yet so the night's looking up...who knows right?


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