how you changed my world

i love the people God has blessed me with in my life. i have some of the best peeps around me. it's just a good feeling. shout out to all my beautiful friends. i love you guys!

i told you all i love my sundays. today was so great i can't even blog all the stuff i said i was gonna blog about. (lex if you can just remind me of what i was telling you this morning that would be greeeat) my roommate is currently in the other room BELTING out "I feel a little poke coming thru"'s quality lyrics like that that make it all worthwhile. :) nice, huh? today i was so lazy and chill it was wonderful. i woke up late, talked to friends and family, watched "thelma and louise" which i had never seen before (yes i know) and then went out to the land of target with my roomie and kicked it. i got a beautiful teapot (left my fav back in kc) so i'm sipping wonderful spiced tea and enjoying my lazy day. now boyz II men's "4 seasons of change" is on....gosh i love music today! nothing extraordinary happened this weekend but it was just beautiful. yesterday i chilled in old town pasadena and had a lovely italian breakfast at this little cute spot and then went out with my girl to this haunted big boat called the queen mary (folks outside of cali don't know about that ish so all you cali people just lay off of me for explaining it like i did) and had bud time. i've had moments of worry that i haven't heard from my agent yet or my furniture place that is holding my couch hostage, but moments like this help alleviate the panic attacks :)

my best friend and sista girl just informed me that they will be visiting me in april and my boy from lawrence is also coming to chill some time in march. like i said, i love my friends. i just finished my essence magazine for this month and it said that i'm gonnna experience what i've always wanted--basically i take that to mean my acting. i can just feel this buzz and i can't wait for it to happen. i can't wait to begin. i figured something important out last night. i'll never be a girlie girlie...i'll never be hollywood cool/chic, but dang if i won't make people rethink what it means to be an every day woman out in hollywood trying to make it on her dream alone. that's it for now. tomorrow i'm having lunch with a friend who's been out here acting for a grip. hopefully she can shed some light on the situation. i'm excited. sorry for rambling...hopefully soon i'll have something exciting to say ;)


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