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ok so my wonderful pal, lex, hit me back with all my blog-worthy thoughts over the weekend and they're not so blog worthy now. i basically just wanted to point out that boys out in cali are wayyyy too metro for girls from the midwest. midwest ladies these men are an anomoly...they have intricate gelled spike hairstyles, flipped collars, coordinating shades, they have pretty hands, order coffee drinks like "lowfat milk, sugar free vanilla latte with no whip" um's just weird. but alas, that's not really all that blog worthy is it...even though i've just devoted a paragraph to it. hee hee today was a hard day my friends. when people work you like kunta and treat you like dirt it's hard to come home and write something funny and cute. i have nothing...oh! wait! i do! i wrote to an uncle of mine who's the music director of a popular hip hop station back home in kansas city. anyways he totally hooked me up with some names of some folks that i'm supposed to talk to in the industry. i'm gonna write my agent and see how i should go about this. i'm pumped though! oh and i got to talk to my best friend for almost an hour on the phone tonight (we don't get to chat during the week all that often) and it totally brightened my day/night. having a best friend that seriously gets you, gets everything about you...even the things you don't say.. and knows you better than you know yourself is wonderful. hearing her laugh alone helps...gotta love red heads ya'll or at least mine!!! for tomorrow: ok, cross your fingers that i find the correct tax forms i need to send to my wonderful grandpapa at the post office, that my watch that i took in to a jewelry store last week looks beautiful and restored (i crushed in the crystal-my bad) and that tomorrow i get to actually work at a slower pace...that someone actually sees that i'm a human and not their personal production machine and i can actually get some acting contacts made :) here's to sanity


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