are those fake eyelashes or are you just happy to see me?

this weekend has been great so far! so yesterday i took some tishy time to head over to best buy and use a christmas gift card i've been hording for a minute and bought four new movies..."my big fat greek wedding", "bend it like beckham","diary of a mad black woman" and "cruel intentions" lol...i figured i've got one for every mood. i was looking for love jones but they didn't have it. if anyone ever finds it let me know so i can go to that glorious store and buy the darn thing! so last night i got some good lil snacks and watched diary and had a blast. then today i had my photoshoot for headshots. it was awesome! i met this really cool chick on myspace when i very first moved here and thru chatting found out she was a makeup artist..she's amazing so i hired her. we have a lot in common so it was cool to have her up in the hills of the valley with me...speaking of-- this place we shot at was amazing! the photographer rocks so if anyone ever needs one i'll give you his info for sure! he has this amazing house on top of a hill..there's a pool...a beautiful terrace thingy with flowers hanging from it...great view, was so romantic. so we shot and the photos turned out amazing! my face went berzerk this week...groan and so i was hesitant to shoot but with vanessa and him there the photos turned out great. i almost cried..they're pretty :) especially will be after they've been touched up...i'll admit it i've become high maintenance! :) i'm trying to upload pics right now but they're being difficult lol...they're huge! in some i can see the "julia roberts" thing i always get...

so yeah, tomorrow i might drive down to carson (?) and visit a cousin who's up watching her kiwi boyfriend play rugby and basically chill...

as for now...i'm about to head to burbank to see "curious george" with my girl B and her child...oh yeah! now that's a saturday night!


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