vegas and swingers

so vegas was interesting...we danced and danced and danced some more...and i'm talking without rest for four-five hours was bananas ya'll! brandi and i seriously would sleep a couple hours and wake up the next day moaning and groaning from the pain but it was so much fun to have not a care in the world...only purpose in life is to's not every day that i allow that mentality to take over and permeate thru my bones....ahhhh what a glorious weekend. we had an amazing road trip going out there...filled with gossip and girly stuff...bonding and then we got there and the fun began. it was kind of weird because i've always had this image of what las vegas would be and it definitely didn't live up to the expectations but my girlie did and that's all that matters. it was really weird being at the club but i did meet some interesting guy was sitting down intently staring at a stripper's business card...when we walked by he stood up and told us that he was just trying to get comfortable with her before he actually went in to see yeah. gotta love vegas. i also saw a plethora of men with bad wayne newton hair old woman all in gold pleather though so that's good :)

when i returned home i watched the movie, swingers. i can appreciate the locations now and i actually dug seeing guys' perspective on dating and girls...i have friends like that...that actually believe in that stuff. i personally can't stand the three day call...two's stupid but i'll allow calling right after you've come out of the club is a little extreme but i do have to admit it worked on me once...just once though! all in all, great cult classic film :) i'm sorry it took me so long to watch.

my ability to reflect has been a little off. i'm just sooo tired. i'm going to bed uncharacteristically early tonight so that i can catch up on my delightful z's. gotta love 'em. this week i plan to see two really great movies and maybe go see some more fly poet. write mo later!

luv and kiwi!


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