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Happy Birthday to my best friend in the world! She turns 25 today. For as long as I’ve been friends with this girl we’ve always been able to be together either on or near each others birthdays. It’s a day where we can claim princess hood and actually get it (wink). For years we even wore crowns on our big days. It’s weird that we can’t do that anymore. It just dawned on me that we may never live in the same town ever again. Aren’t birthdays great for making you and yours ponder all of life’s little whatevers?

As for the weekend: Viva Las Vegas baby! I’m going to Sin City with my home girl. Don’t get it twisted though—I’m still broke as heck—her little sister has a cheerleading competition there and we’re tagging along. Just call me Pookie this weekend. I don’t really know what to think about it all though. No expectations. I know we’ll go clubbing and all that, but whenever I think I’m going to have the ultimate blast it never turns out like that so I’m just chillin. I’m more excited just to be on a road trip with my girl. It’s always nice to go on a trip with someone that seriously shares all of your same musical tastes with you…well except for that stupid “laffy taffy” song. I can’t stand that craptastic song!

That’s it for now. I know my blogs are probably as frustrating for you as for me…You’re wondering where all the acting info is. Hopefully soon my pretties. Headshots are on the 11th of February and then I’ll have a meeting with my agent to go over them. Get some prints knocked out and then I’m going to start auditioning as much as I can get away with while having a job. Lol…

I doubt the phrase “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” will really apply to my weekend so I’ll be back soon to tell you how Celine Dion’s home was.

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