oh this is ladies night

So my homegirl and i decided work had broke us down like kunta and it was time to take out the frustrations in the club :) we grabbed some cute clothes, spruced up and headed out to sunset. don't you just love those nights where you don't care a rats behind about hooking up with someone...you just need to dance. my girl NEVER drinks so of course, the bad influence known as me, i get her a drink..just one but she immediately felt the effects of typsiness...she was all over the dance floor with me...ahhh good night. our faces hurt from smiling AND it was even better cuz my boy got us in to this club...such a cutie :)

today i'm going to the MOCA...museum of contempory art. it should be lovely and then tonight i'm going to see brokeback mountain with a girlfriend of mine and then the rest of the weekend is dedicated to my crush...sunday and monday fun! wahoooo. it's supposed to rain but oh well. it's aight when you're with the one who makes you swoon.


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