games are for suckas

I realize that time helps all situations—that soon I’ll think my whole situation, all the drama that piled on top of me this weekend won’t hurt me anymore and that gives me some hope. Today I was really proud of myself because physically I didn’t feel like I was ready to experience the day ahead. I was so scared I was having mini little panic attacks. I know you may be thinking to your self right now that I’m just being silly, but the mind can do some major damage on your body. I made it thru unscathed though and without shedding one tear. I scheduled my head shot shoot….it will be on February 20th at 1:30 with a guy named Kevin. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in front of a camera, but I do have to say I secretly thrive off of the lens…I love it…so I’m excited. For the first time ever with a shoot I’m really going to participate and make sure that what I want is being translated correctly…cuz the last time I came out of a shoot I looked like I was 30…normally this wouldn’t bother me in the least but that doesn’t help me if I want to start out playing teeny boppers (longevity in the career is always nice). So this time Tishy’s in control!

In case anyone was wondering. I am now kicking myself for starting something with someone I work with..yeah that should be quite awkward for awhile. He wasn’t at work today, but I was still weirded out nonetheless. What’s the cool way to handle this? How do you come away from the situation with dignity? I want my guy friends to be proud of me and my girlfriends to be even more impressed. I hate games when I’m dating someone, but I’m the worst at games once the situation is over. How weird is that? Not this time. I’m grown now. J

ok i'm eating a great burrito that my girl made for me ;) she's grand ya'll...i love her! soul-ritoes are cool!


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