I turned on the t.v. this morning and learned that Coretta Scott King had passed away in her sleep. We’re losing our icons that we grew up learning about and admiring. The news station I watch in the morning gave a brief summary of her most significant accomplishments and as I sat and watched footage from her battling for her agendas, poised and in control, I grew more and more sad. Our supply of outstanding human beings is dwindling, at least the public ones. Is our generation slacking on our end of the deal? Are we producing new heroes and sheroes to replace those before them? Did people from the 1960’s ask these same questions? Were they looking back to the days of Booker T. and Dubois with sadness? Who do we have today? I mean no disrespect by this, but does Oprah really count? Is it her responsibility to count? Is she standing up to legislation, picketing for rights that may not be p.c.? I know it’s not really my place to ask because I’m chillin in Los Angeles…just minding my own business. I’m not holding picket signs for Roe demonstrations (shout out to my home girl Liz) I realize this. I’m just trying to make the point that maybe our definitions of sheroes and heroes has changed. Maybe we can’t recognize the true ones anymore. Maybe that’s better than not having them at all. Who knows….


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