today is a great day. i woke up, finished my book, _dreams from my father_ got a bowl of cereal and now i'm watching "a miracle on 34th street"...which happens to be one of my all time favorite christmas movies (i have it on dvd folks). last night i watched "it's a wonderful life" so my christmas experience is starting to fall into place...i LOVE christmas time. i have $15 to my name right now, i'm strugglin out here ridiculously but i couldn't be happier. there's just something about this holiday that sends me back to my childhood..everything becomes beautiful and sweet. i start to see the good in everything--it's magic. it's the part of my childhood that i never lost...give me some candy canes and mistle toe and i'll be good ;) some day i hope to share this feeling with my own lil mini me. i don't think the crush understands just how important this holiday is to me...when he took me to see the lights and i saw the same amount of excitement on his face that i had on mine something just kinda scares me how much i like this one. he's been a great christmas present...a great one :)

as for the actual day. i'm excited as heck to go home. my girl vikkie is picking me up from the airport, we're meeting up with my best bud jen and we're going to THE best bbq restaurant in the prairie village area lol (oklahoma joe's) followed by visiting my old job that i miss terribly, then i'm just hanging with my peeps, maybe see my guy best friend marcus. of course i'm pumped to see my mom since i'm such a momma's girl but i have mixed emotions. i don't know if i've said this in a blog but my parents are divorcing..this will be our first split christmas and the kids have definitely been put in the middle. it's really hard to deal with at times. i get really bitter and angry..especially when folks try to mess with my holiday spirit but yeah...i'm going to try my hardest to make the most of it. we get older, things change. the hard times are what help us build the most character, right?

ok enough negative. my movie is on and i have a lil wicker couch and blankie calling my name! happy holidays


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