hugo the frog

ok if you have a sensitive tummy you may want to stop reading right now. ;)

so today was hardcore busy day. the kind where the time literally is on crack and you sweat from the pace....i guess that was good. the crush and i had decided wednesday nights would officially be our date nights so i was pumped the day went fast so we could chill together. we do the lunch thing and take walks on our breaks but i'm spoiled...after work we went to go see this movie (aeon flux). it was just aight but we saw it at Graumans Chinese cool is that? it's beautiful inside...i mean beautiful. i was a little blown away..i mean they have red carpet events there...and eerily enough i couldn't visualize myself there for myself some day...extremely exhausted so i won't read into that at all. so we see the movie and then we're walking out and he sees one of those build a bear stores and wants to go inside which i think is cute but silly cuz i normally hate teddy bears..sorry it's just clutter to me. but there was the cutest frog that you could make and he totally took charge. he got me the frog (shout out to my jen's rico!) and then the sweetness began..he put two hearts in for him and one for me and then the guy helping him asked how long we had been which he replied two months so he made him jump up and down twice, kiss it twice and then make a wish for he did that and he put his voice on the little recorder that goes in hugo's hand. hugo now says little sayings that we secretly share between us...including this really cute way he says my full name...i know cheese ball city but it was so adorable and he SOOO wasn't trying to pull an ick factor like carrie from sex and the city and her little russian wasn't ick factor at all. lol...he then preceded to put a lakers warm up jersey on hugo--that was ick but i allowed it cuz it's a little piece of my crush. hugo has a birth certificate and he's mexican/black/white...nice lil combo i think. ;) i was floored away by how unbelievably cute this crush of mine can be...i tell ya what. it made the fast paced whatever of my day just melt's the little things in life right?

sigh....this one is special folks...definitely one to keep your eye on...


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