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Last night I attended a dinner with my roommate, her best friend and another friend. It was perfect because we had all this amazing food and conversation—home made sangria…mmmm it was nice. One woman brought up the issue of men in L.A. and the type of guy our energy naturally attracts. For instance, she said she attracted ‘mama’s boys’. I on the other hand attract the ‘preacher’s son” while another friend determined pretty boys seek her out. How unbelievably depressing though to think that chemically speaking we’re destined to attract certain folks. I think that’s pretty jacked! Of course, I’m aware of the fact that there’s always an exception but dang.

Today’s been a very slow blah day. It’s been Donnie Darko all frickin day and cold…Thank you weatherperson for the incorrect forecast. Tonight is my acting class and I recently learned I will be doing a scene with the perfect girl in my class..this makes blah day even better. For every up there is a down right? I had an amazing up last night. I was waiting on the roomie to come down so we could drive to the dinner party and I noticed the sun was about down, the sky was almost completely black but you could still see outlines of clouds lazily passing by and I just stopped, dropped my bag and looked up and took it all in and thanked God for such a beautiful life, eyes to see it and a heart to understand it. I love those moments.

On a goofier note, I went to an amusement park with a friend and rode the most amazing rollercoaster. It scared me so much I lost my breath! That’s amazing! I figured out my body/strength/energy isn’t what it used to be but it was a fun time nonetheless


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