why does ku have to be in kansas?!

ok so i rep my alma mater like a mo....i can't seem to get enough of my kansas t-shirts and sweatshirts but man it hurts wearing those darn things when i continue to read stories of kansas' ongoing evolution debate in school...ouch. why must kansans continue with the madness...dayum! i'm from the missouri side that's all i gots to say!

so tomorrow is my roomy and i's housewarming party. i hope it all goes well. my girl brandi is bringing over her little wee one, jalen, who reminds me a lot of my little favorite person in the world, pay pay. i love little kids. especially little one year olds that act like they're grown..yes he speaks in full sentences and carries himself like a respectable young man..it's amazing to watch. ok my weird old acting partner is calling me on a friday night...we don't work together NO MO so why is this boy callin me? hmph

on to better news and somewhat scary at the same time...so of course my crush and i are spending a lot of time together and doing the whole cutsie thing and people at work are starting to notice but it's almost as if they're trying to sabotage...like for instance today. i get off the elevator that a lot of my co-workers are on to go get him for lunch and they start screaming at me that it's shady i'm ditching all of them for a dude...do we have to announce that to the whole corporation?! but then i see him and the embarrassment subsides. he's got one, not two, but one dimple and when it pops its self out i'm a completely different person. isn't that just sick and twisted? even i'm disgusted by the cuteness.

as for my true passion, i don't have a script quite yet for my class on monday. i should be alarmed but i worked my butt off on last week's so i'm not too worried. she does want to put me with the 'perfect' girl though for my next duo...the model with the gorgeous accent, face, body, personality. ya can't help but get butt twitches.

ok that's enough. time for bed. i had a relevant blog to write today. i read something in the news but i've totally lost it...that tends to happen to me. go figure. oh i remember now...it's about this persian woman ( i believe she's persian) who was raped to punish her brother who committed a crime...we'll discuss when my eyes aren't rolling in the back of my head!

hasta luego


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