time keeps on slippin

it's crazy when i'm chillin and having a blast and randomly think to myself, "i can't wait to blog this"....

so today was a good day that ran a little too long. i made plans to go to brunch with my girl and roommate down in marina del rey. we went to this little restaurant on the water that had the best food and never ending glasses of mimosa..um and i'm not exaggerating. we got there at 10 and by noon we were faded...it was hot on the water today for some reason (usually when you're that close to the ocean it's chilly) it was a record high today though so we were baking...while drinking. not a good combo. i was lit and loving life. we sat there for two hours and just laughed and had a good ole time. then we walked around this little shopping area and there was this cool little band playing so we sat under an umbrella, let the sun hit us and listened to old school music...they played "at last" by etta james and the woman singing waled it. i sat back in my chair, sobered up, let the breeze hit my face and BACK! and enjoyed life. after that things got weird. we were supposed to leave after that but my roommate's boyfriend kept thinking we had to keep hanging out since it's my girl's birthday week so we just kept hanging and hanging out at her house, listening to music from their generation (lol..disco no!) and then this nucca invites his movie director friend over..it's late by now. the sun has gone down. i haven't heard from the crush all day...and i'm hungover. so this director comes over and the boyfriend just starts whaling into me about taking this serious...asking me questions, misinterpreting my answers and therefore making me feel like a complete idiot in front of this dude..i didn't know what to say or do. i wasn't prepared.i was heated. really mad...plus i haven't heard from the crush! i spent the whole day answering questions about him, defending my feelings for him and my decisions and then i'm sitting up in the joint wondering about him all weekend...it just went sour. now i'm watching my favorite show in the world, grey's anatomy so things are looking up but still. i haven't gotten a chance to really sit back and think today...to just chill and ponder so my brain is off. i can't even really get out "me" in this blog tonight. losing time is the worst feeling...


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