thru someone else's eyes

so i have been going over my darn lines all weekend long. i'm so burnt out on lines but i knew i had to come correct with my new partner, the perfect girl from class. so today at 1:30 we got together to go over the lines and it was great...we went over them for awhile and she was equally struggling with memorizing this gigantic mess otherwise known as a long ass play. we did that for an hour or so and then we started talking about our male partners in the class...get this, she had a guy that was trying to practice the kissing a little too much too. we sat and laughed about how much we dislike these you feel somehow violated because they're breaking that professional code of acting that we're all supposed to uphold...the guys apparently didn't get the memo. so then we talked about boyfriends (she's dating a pretty up there actor which is so funny to hear carpets? what?) i talked about my crush and we both giggled...then she told me the one thing that i needed to hear so desperately bad out here...she said that the first night i joined the class and did that monologue that i thought our teacher was going to kill me over she was in awe because i was that good. it was one of the best compliments ever. it's funny that i watch her and think she's it..that she's got everything going for her and she's thinking i've got all this talent that's putting her to shame...isn't it funny when we see ourselves thru someone else's eyes? i was on some kinda high after that. i went over lines some more, asked my girl to help me practice tomorrow during our lunch break and since then i've just been talking to friends and family and in between that getting snippets from this amazing book by barack obama...this month's book club choice. it's great. i recommend it for all. democrat or republican, black, white, whatever. it's just good....

well it's almost time for my shows to come on...grey's anatomy waaa hoooo!!!!


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