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so brace yourself..this could be a rather long blog. my stinkin internet was down for a bloody week. i've seen just how deep my addiction to myspace runs...i was going crazy. i'm back now though!

so just to bring ya'll up to speed. monday i did not go to acting class because i was dreafully my EX acting partner calls me that night at 11:44 mind you to see what's up with me...grrrr. i've got a monster on my hands. don't know how to handle that one really. i was cranky as heck though and asked why in the heck i'd be up if i was sick and that he didn't need to check on me...he wasn't my didn't work though. he called me at my job the next day too :( sigh...we'll see.

the rest of the week was cool. i still have butterflies for my boy. he'll say things like "anything for my girl" and i swoon...i literally swoon. my eyes kinda flutter and my breath stops for a little tiny bit. it's the weirdest thing. ya'll are sick of hearing about that though! he is pretty great though! hee hee. we saw kiss kiss bang (i think that's the name of it) the val kilmer was pretty hilarious. i recommend it. they're not pubbing it too much but it's a fun one for sure. my boy and i had a talk about what we're doing, where we're at...according to him (i'm laughing as i say this because we actually had to have the silly talk) i'm in a 'preliminary' stage to see if we should date seriously. he said that and you'd think i'd slap him but i was kind of impressed. it's quite adorable that this guy is so protective of his heart. he's right too...we all should be. it's ours isn't it? i'm not that controlled and collected though. he still looks at me that way and when he does i flash into the future and see myself with this guy for years so i'm passed the controllable point. lol

i just found out my childhood best friend is engaged! how crazy is that...see that's what happens when your internet crashes...great things happen. my girl is getting married. we've known each other since 1st grade...and now she's leaving my "kidult" stage and becoming a grown up. if my best friend pulls that ish anytime soon i'll kill her. i can only take so much shock at a time. ;)

i also went to the dmv today to get my cali license. it's almost official. i have to go back for that darn written exam but after that...i'll be an official resident. how weird is that? at one point i couldn't see myself in california...and now i feel like i've been here for years...well besides the point that i haven't gone exploring the city yet..but hey gas is expensive!

last night i went and saw my girl's play that she's a stage manager of. it's so lovely to see people in their element not only doing the damn thing but doing it well. i found myself zoning out from the play and just being so giddy that my girl had helped in its creation. she's the bomb ya'll...i love having talented buds. we went and saw harry potter after that at 11:50 p.m.! i was dying...i got home at 3 in the crazy is that. totally worth it though. i love harry!

i just bought a sofa for my darn living space area thing and now i'm about to balance my checkbook and then go see soul circus.or something like sounds fun. life in cali is great isn't it?!


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