so i just got out of class and it was great again. i'm really starting to feel my groove. i did my monologue from never been kissed and i rocked it. i felt like a kid bringing home my first drawing to my mommy. lol...the bad thing, i got a ticket after class for parking and my partner was trying to talk to me about the kiss...so i did what any respectable girl would do i immediately started talking about this huge crush i have on someone and how i was using that person as inspiration for my piece...i mean i truly was-it's just normally i wouldn't verbalize such personal things...and that was that. hopefully my intense emotional twitterpations can keep him at arms length for a couple of months.

my coach did tell me i have to figure out specifically what i want to do with my acting career and the amount of time which means i have to turn into a robot and start doing the dang thing...i'll be looking into an improv class tomorrow and headshots are more than likely to come too...as long as i can stop with the parking tickets!

random side note: can i get the fobfo award for the day? in case you don't know that's (freaking out before finding out) i was having moments all day where i was pulling that stuff..my body will pay for it later...groan


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