my ojos hurt!

my eyeballs hurt i'm so tired!

so last night i went to this really phenomenal event called flypoets at this place called the conga room. it was so dope. i was actually kind of worried because i was taking my crush and i was nervous he wouldn't dig that type of being poetry and all but as soon as we got there this dude started blowin out songs and then started playing a violin to hip hop....a filipino guy. it was great..i looked over at v and he was totally hooked...that's how i know this guy is amazing. so the rest of the evening was great...we listened to some very talented folks--some did the spoken word thang...others sang (shout out to tasha taylor, that girl can sang) and others brought some hip hop out. it was really roommate and her friends were out with us. it was beautiful. then afterwards v and i sat and talked for three yeah, until two in the morning. which explains why i'm hurting today. i've never been so giggly and hurt all at the same time. lack of sleep is deadly. it's time for bed


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