little fish

ok so yesterday was a good day....with a bad blip in the middle. work was cool but at the end of the day my brother's girlfriend called me to tell me one of my favorite human beings was really sick, my nephew payton (aka pay pay) i just started bawling...i immediately started flashing back to the first time i watched him by himself when he was just a new baby and how he would just look up at me in the sweetest ways...i couldn't handle it. he's got a high fever so of course i just call my mom and she settles my butt down...coupled with this really awesome friend of mine at work who has a kid so knows a thing or too. i hope my little guy is ok..104 temps folks. pray for my pay vibes...whatever works for you.

after i recouped from that i went to acting class (well i hung with my crush) and then went to acting class and I ROCKED IT!!! i did NOT want to perform this skit anymore with my partner and so i just kept inside my character's head. we did some improv with them and i was seriously feeling was great and i got out there and i did my thing and afterwards michele--the teacher--stood there silent at first and then just started clapping and saying "" then she asked me how i felt and i told her i felt like her and she agreed, then she said i didn't have any comments..but she gave him some (hee hee) and then the best news of all...she told us we were more on that scene! that was a great feeling. i'm still here...i still have it! i'm not a little city big fish moving to the ocean! i'm a young fish about to blow the heck up!!!! yesterday was a dang good day. :) that's all i gotta say. i'm about to call my little one to see if he's alright too, plus i got pics of my godchildren in the mail. today's gonna be tiring (stayed up on the phone way too long) but it'll be good...



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