it's alright cuz it's saturday night

so mr. funkmaster play the bee gees

it's saturday night and i'm doing something i absolutely have come to love. i'm painting my toesies red. (sing it like you would the alice and wonderland aren't you glad i got that stuck in your head?)

i'm about to read some books and do everything in my power possible to procrastinate memorizing my darn lines for class on's just so hard...i hate doing it...waaaa. i'll feel different tomorrow when i'm trying to practice with my perfect partner and she's stabbing me with a knife for not having it down pat. oh well...i'm just not feeling it. my roomie has strep throat, an ear infection and a sinus infection...i think i'm mimicking her ailments...the hypochondriac in me always prevails but i'm drinking o.j. so maybe not this time.

last night i went and saw pride and was great! phenomenal and beautiful work. there wasn't any over acting--it was just simplistically beautiful and i appreciate that currently. keira did the darn thing...funky eyebrows and all. (for all of you who don't know i can't stand funky eyebrows...wax, tweeze, thread whatever--just PLEASE dont show me that ish...maybe that's why i can't stand raven simone..her stuff is out there whack!) so back to the movie. it was really good and even though i've read the book and knew what would happen i still held my breath in certain scenes and still cried at the end when the heroine realized who her love was and agonized over thinking she had lost him...there's also a beautiful father/daughter scene that will start any true boo-hooer going.

ok. time to read. on the list so far: the elfstones of shannara (my crush insists i read this since it's one of his fav's from high school), wicked and dreams from my father (barack obama). can she do it...can she read all of these books before christmas when her best friend will pile her up with more? can she stay awake long enough to dent a chapter? is it crazy that this is the first time she's ever 'cheated' on a book by reading multiples at the same time? does this mean she's not a true bookworm? you decide. stay tuned for next week's drama when our heroine confronts her crush and tells him his book will just have to wait in line....


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