i once was lost

wow it seems like i haven't had a chance to sit down and just be me for quite some time. i've been in and out of my apartment, catching glimpses of my lil borrowed laptop and pining for moments where i could sit my behind down and type away. so here i am.

i just had a great lil thanksgiving break. on wednesday night i went to my girl's house to spend the night so we could cook for thanksgiving day. i made a two hour potato salad and banana dessert, my speciality. it was a lot of fun..i felt like a kid playing grown up though. being away from my family for the first time was kinda weird...walking outside into warmth instead of chilly weather also thru me for a loop. l.a.'s gotta grow on me just a little more.

thanksgiving day we ate, slept and watched movies...lazy beautiful day...watched the freaking lions game which they lost terribly...the crush was supposed to come over that morning and hang before his family events but his dad came into town so i didn't see him..i still haven't seen him actually and i'm pathetically going thru withdrawals...slap me!

the next day my bud and i came back to my house and we went out to dinner and a 'club' after that...it was a blast hanging with my roomie, our mutual friend and my girl. even though they're a little older than us and have their ish together we still have a lot in common as single women in los angeles and that was a blast to discover. you can do anything when you have great company around yourself...i'm thankful for good friends this holiday weekend.

as for yesterday i had the weirdest day...we went to breakfast sat. morning at this lil diner down the street that i love called cindy's. you sit in these little orange booths and you order the most amazing omelettes and ya just chill...

then we went and picked up my roomie and the mutual friend and we headed to this shopping area called the grove....on the way to the grove/at the grove we saw celebrity siting after celebrity siting...tracy morgan--who i happened to knock for having big rims on his jaguar, gina davis!!!!! (i just wanted to run up to her and tell her i loved her show) she's really really tall and was chillin at a movie on a saturday night. that was cool and lela rashon i'm spelling that wrong but oh well. it was funny to watch my little groupie butt go wild...at least they didnt' see it though ;)

we went and window shopped, ate good food in this little market area of the grove and saw the movie "walk the line". i don't know how to describe it or whether or not to recommend it just yet...i think i'm confused because i was expecting this great love story and it was mostly about his life, not necessarily the both of theirs but i guess it was a good movie. long but good. ok i'll recommend it ;)

after that my girlie and i came home and played on myspace all night long...so slumber party-esque. :) it has been a fun weekend. my cellie died though and so i haven't been able to talk to any family members or anything just yet but i'm hoping to clean, pay some bills, catch up with 'real' life today. it should be cool...miles davis' cd is playing...now i'm found


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