find the one who makes you laugh...

I love that this man can make me laugh so hard my stomach muscles scream out "FIRE!" He had me rolling so hard I had tears coming down..and all because the boy was mocking me walking in the rain with my kiwi umbrella. I know i've gotta come down from this high sometime but I hope it's not soon! A woman at work today told me that she loves the way he looks at me--that it puts her in a good mood ;) His one little dimple came out when I told him that today. I'm head over heels for the guy and scared out of my mind all at the same time. This guy is amazing...I try to stretch my mind to think of someone I felt something even remotely close to this but can't come up with ISH. He makes me happy and when I hear all those cheesy songs on the radio I sing them loud and crazy now. Well I sang like that before, but now I can justify that ish ;) I can't/won't say too much...that scared stuff is hard to deal with!

OK changing! Everybody Hates Chris. Right on....right on. The woman on the show has a problem with her credit lol...lately that seems like me. I'm turning into a shopping fool. Does anyone else shop to feel pretty or is that just me? Anyone? .....anyone?


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