one of my all time favorite and most fascinating human beings, ms. teresa--the lover of jake gyllenhaal--sent me an email saying she reads my blog and it put me in a fantastically swell mood all day...despite the fact that i was dead tired after talking to my crush until midnight. don't you just love the beginning of something? i sit and i look at this man and i feel the butterflies and i secretly wish for some kind of bottle to throw them in so i can feel them later. have you ever tried to go back to the emotions and feelings you had when you met your love for the first time? it's harder than know the gist but it's hard to recreate all the emotions and thoughts that were going thru your head.

on another note, i'm watching commander in chief and this has got to be one of the best shows of the darn season. i LOVE gina davis in this role! her power and intelligence as Mack are mezmorizing! she's beautiful! beautiful! :)


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