Class was a lot of fun. It was short too…traffic on the 405 was ridiculous. A ride that usually takes me 15 min. tops took me over an hour…I was heated and so when I got in I walked in on them already performing…so I quietly sat down and my coach immediately started yelling and I mean yelling at the girl performing…I mean I know my teacher was stressed about traffic but jeez…she was saying stuff about we've practiced this three times. I see no changes yadda yadda so I'm thinking great it's gonna be a bad night for me..there's only 5 of us in class too… So she finally has her stop and we do improv the rest of the night and I rocked it. I had to play a bougie (sp?) sister at the thanksgiving dinner table and she loved it. the first thing out of my mouth was "I want the white meat" and it was over she loved it. so yeah..i have my improve moments. She was just loving me all night. Good night!


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