you hurt my pinky toe

can i just say first of all that the chiefs suck for throwing away today's game like they did? booo on that!

i'm chillin in my apartment with my foot up and wrapped cuz it hurts like i don't know what...i can't wait to be able to stand and not be aware that i'm standing...walk and not be aware i'm'll be a beautiful thang--just beautiful. can i just say i love sundays...lazy days. i'm turning into the worst kinda hermit--i fall deeper and deeper into loving my "tish time"--that all ends tomorrow though when i start my new job :) yeah yeah yeah for that! i also just heard from this acting coach that a friend hooked me up with. not this monday but next i'm going to her class to see how i like it. if i do and she likes me then she' ll take me on and it'll be groovy. i'll practice and hone my skills and when she thinks i'm ready she'll start to introduce me to directors and casting directors she works with like john singleton and folks like that. wouldn't that just be splendid?! ;)

as for now--this very moment--it's desperate houswives/grey's anatomy night...yeah baby. that's some good stuff. i can't wait...did i mention i love sundays?!

yesterday was the book club which was really awesome. it was crazy for the two days leading up to roommate got her furniture at seriously the last minute and we were running around cooking and cleaning like we were kuntas! but the the ladies came, we had a beautiful lunch complete with home made sangrias thanks to a fellow book club friend and just chatted away about the book _the darkest child_ and current affairs. a little bit of man talk hee was a blast. i can't wait for the next one...shannon definitely makes it interesting here!


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