wild horses

I had this long substantial blog all written out and and I had to leave my desk for a pizza party. Long story made short: I was told to log off and it wiped out my long and beautiful blog. That’s how life goes.

Can I just say that Fridays are beautiful? I was a little off this morning…I woke up and just laid there in the dark and stared at the ceiling…I got in the shower and stuck my face in the cold water pouring down and I still couldn’t wake myself out of the funk. My drive to work wasn’t even that eventful but then I started to talk to my best friend via email and I was randomly reminded of how lucky I am to have such an interesting person to talk to every day. I miss her when she’s not at her desk. I shared our conversations with my new favorite buddy at work and she commented on how “in it” we both are. It’s good to have a best friend that people recognize you were made to be best friends with lol. It’s comforting too might I add.

I’m listening to “wild horses” right now..which happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. (The girl version thank you very much). It makes me feel pretty. Brandi, my new bud, has an ipod and we swapped music for the day. I just received a call from AMC theaters to possibly interview for a manager position. It would pay way less than my current job but the hours would be more flexible…which is what I need right?! I get so caught up in the corporate web here…having money, being too tired to do anything after work…loving my weekends too much so this could be good. I’ll have to budget like a mutha …we’ll see. We’ll see.


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