wiggle your big toe

can i just say that last night was the BOMB!...the reason i know this is becasuse i'm nursing pains from moving around like a crazy woman...my body hurts!

so friday night my roommate and i hopped on a plane and went to sacramento to visit my twinny twin twin for the weekend. i had a blast. friday night was really chill but saturday was just on and poppin. we woke up and went shopping for our halloween costumes and had a blast. there's nothing better than acting like a dang fool with your girls in public. we all got together and tried these nasty little jelly beans (harry potter ones) that were nasty and a half! dirt, vomit, bougar...um yeah. i ate a dirt one..the first time i got cinamon so i wasn't ready for it ya'll and it was hilarious to watch the others gagging over that ish. i love those moments of extreme silliness..they're the things that keep life interesting and fun.

we got wigs, stockings and other goodies for our kill bill costumes and went home and got ready and that in itself was great. i helped make go go's ball & chain. i now consider myself to be a 'ball & chain makin' guru in case anyone ever needs help in that department. after getting dressed i totally understood people's desire to act a fool on halloween. as soon as that blonde wig went on i felt like a completely different person....at that moment i turned into 'bouncing off the walls hyper active tish' and it was great!!!! we went to this CRAZY halloween ball party that's designed to be like the exoti erotic in san francisco...vice versa can't remember? but anyways..how come i walked into this place and there were people in dominatrix outfits spanking each other, dildoes abound....my poor little innocent eyes couldn't handle that ish. i had my mouth open almost the whole night with extreme shock. there was one little guy walking around with a huge penis attached that he was spraying silly string out of...um yeah. he skeeted all over a guy in our group. priceless....priceless i say.

anywho it was fun to let loose with those folks. i had a great time. halloween's making a come back in my eyes. not to mention our costumes were pimp! ya gotta admit it!

now it's time to go back to same ole same ole...hmph. for one night though i was 'the bride' and i wiggled my damn big toe


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