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I don’t know what your work days are like, but mine are monotonous as all get out. I sit at a computer All day long, ignoring the sharp pains shooting through my lower back. Now I understand the beauty of ergonomic anything! Is this right? Is this how I was meant to support and live out my dream? I work at a place where I’m seriously a number…or worse a temp. I keep telling people my name is Tish, but even the woman who hired me keeps calling me LaTisha. Without fail…every day. I’ve never been more annoyed to hear that name. It used to just irk me for sounding too formal, not it just reeks of impersonal who haw. I was spoiled at my last place of employment! This is why people go crazy at work! The only acting I can even think about is on my lunch break and even then that’s a hard one. I’ve got to get my funds in a reasonably together and then I’ve got to find GOT TO FIND something more open. Either a manager at a bookstore or movie theater…That would be wonderful…The question for the day is, how do all my other fellow co-workers here do the darn thing?

I’ve caught myself three times today dozing off at my desk and my elbow dropping and waking me up lol. I’m glad my cubie buddy doesn’t face my way or he’d be laughing his booty off at me.

On a cuter note, I made a really great friend out here named brandi and she’s the sweetest thing ever so of course I immediately want to hook her up with my cousin…he better not mess this up! It’s cute to see people flirty and twitterpatted though


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