slap heard round the world

yeah yeah yeah! you could actually see my behind on my first tv show last night! i'm quite excited. all my buds were calling and screaming and it was so awesome...too bad the scene only lasted 10 seconds or so i don't care though! ha! after the show a good friend of mine came over and we went to this club down off of hollywood and vine to see boris kodjoe and the cast of "the gospel"...that was my first time at a club since i've been here! so brandi and i are chillin and having a good ole time when we decide to go to the bar..which led these two gentlemen to stop us thinking we were leaving..which led to us meeting good friends of boris' (look that man up if you do not know who i'm talking about people) who they introduced me to and a comedian i've seen on tv a bunch (chris spencer) and mr. powell...the preacher from the movie. it was a lot of fun. i won't be doing that on a regular basis cuz i'm hurting this morning for real! but the initial guy i met was pubbin me up telling me that i was cool so he'd try to introduce me to a couple of directors (ahhhh!) now if he was just trying to seduce me with names then the giddiness will pass soon but if he's for real then i'm pumped...this town is so never know people's true intentions. did i mention that i'm really REALLY tired...5 hours of sleep...are you kidding me?!


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