my tish day

man i love my sundays!!!

so today i woke up and layed in bed and whined because i didn't want to do what i had to do for the day but everything turned out swell...i went to my acting partner's house and we rehearsed for a good three hours and it was perfect. i was initially hesitant to work over at his place cuz he's a dude and yeah..i'm a female but his girlfriend was there and i was immediately put at ease and i know she was at ease when she saw what my nasty butt looked showering self. so we got to know each other and he gave me some names of different coaches i could do some good work with...some books to read. it was great. then i came home and helped my home girl research publishing houses for her book followed by a good two hours of reading _wicked_ while listening to miles...good stuff people.

then i had an idea. sundays are fabulous cuz we watch desperate housewives and grey's anatomy so to celebrate we went down the street to pasedena to this adorable little mom and pop's joint called 21 choices which lets you make your own yogurt icecream concoctions (kind of like coldstone) i got french vanilla icecream with cinamon and fresh peaches thrown in it..mmmm. it's like peach cobbler and i'm currently loving it. now i have a little bit before the show comes on..gotta love sundays!!!


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