monday morning

Is it sick and twisted that I use personal emotions for my acting? I can sit here and think about something that pains me and then I’ll immediately get excited that I may be able to tap into this emotion to produce something later on…it’s kind of sick actually, but I can’t control it. It’s involuntary like breathing.

Now if I could just take a nap it would be all good. No matter how early I go to bed I’m still tired as heck. What’s up with that? I do apologize that my blogs aren’t as interesting as they used to be. My material isn’t that hot lately I admit. I look forward to blogging just because I’m so unbelievably bored and need to take my mind off of falling asleep. Lol…nodding off is a normal part of my new life. I’m really becoming the “grammama”.

Ok I’m starting to get hyped up for my class…I don’t know what it is about this script/guy I’m working with, but I feel like I’ve been given a challenge. He’s a really good actor. He has this knack for attacking me with his eyes…he’s very intense. not like an al pacino, but close! So having to be married to this man that’s going thru this sort of metamorphasis is really awesome and totally completes me in a way and disturbs me at the same time. I get to be married…but I can’t appreciate him…it’ll be interesting.


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