mi casa

i'm finally going home folks!!!!

this week has been mad crazy...just trying not to get sick from all the peeps at my job, packing, shopping for christmas gifts and trying not to drown in my excitement. sigh...gotta love this time of the year. i think my blood's turned into cinnamon..i'm just bubbling with christmas!

so wish me luck...i've got a lot of 'newness' waiting for me back home...i guess it's true..you do gotta know where you come from before you can move ahead...i've got madd things to figure out, family wise, relationship wise, self wise and i'm going to definitely use that time to attempt to figure it out.

no more acting classes until january and i'm glad...i need to get my head straight. my goal is to be doing the dang thing...emmercing myself into my art this year. to do that i really need to focus.

as for local stuff. the crush and i have a dinner planned tomorrow and i'm cooking for this boy lol...please pray for a sista--hope i don't kill the boy...he just doesn't know. i got him a really great gift though...he doesn't read this thing so i can share :) so i got him a book of poems from hughes..my main man, the man that's got me typing in green cuz we both love and appreciate the poet of the people..and some music that he shared with me on our first date...dean martin. hopefully the boy likes it ;) still twitterpatted ya'll!


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