if you're asking then i'm telling you it's yes

hey guys.

so today was yet another great day. i mean i knew as soon as i woke up that i'd have a great day..i got ready for work...the radio played every song that could possibly get me grooving including "every little thing you do, you're on my mind"... YOU--ARE--ON--MY--MIND. i love it! then i get half way to work and figure out that i've left my all important badge at home...that gets me into the building...and you'd think i'd start to stress but i was like whatever. get to work, my computer's broke and i'm still like whatever. why am i so chipper? cuz i met someone and everything about the dude makes me giddy. lol. i was just talking to my best friend jen and she was commenting on an email i had sent her. in it i had said that i felt this guy could look at me and see things that no one else has ever seen and jen told me that she had had the same feeling about her current guy who she's been with for years....that i absolutely love. so that was kinda cool to share. my high could inspire so many soundtracks at this very moment..i'd have to have lots of different ones to really grasp all of the different emotions new crushes can produce in a sista.

as for other silly notions: i didn't have acting class tonight which was cool. i came home, did some laundry, put on a mask, i'm watching "all of us" which i haven't been able to watch since my big night and now i'm chillin on the internet...which someday will be my downfall. life's good though for real. my niece's birthday is coming up this weekend. she'll be one. it's cute as heck! i have my halloween costume all picked out..i'm going as uma from kill bill...my girls are also dressing up like the other deadly assassins and did i mention i'm crushin on someone? people there's nothing more beautiful! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i'm lovin it


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