serenity review

waaaaaaa i'm hurting...why God...why?!!!!! ok so that movie pissed me the heck off. lol. i mean i was looking forward to it so much but no one warned me that the creator of that show is sick and twisted and kills people like it's doesn't matter if they're intrical to the story so of course they killed someone off that made everyone EVERYONE in the audience gasp and freak was that harsh and unexpected...but i swear i've NEVER been in a movie that seriously has enough action to grab you and shake you thru the whole thing..there were dudes beside me that couldn't close their mouths and people looked exhausted from the stress afterwards. they did a good job of that part...still i cried thru the whole ending and half the freaking way home. is that cool i say? my best friend jen knows that i can NOT handle a movie that doesn't end my way lol. for that alone i don't think i can rewatch this movie but it was good i guess (grrrr)


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