pig tails

can i just say that i LOVE days like today. saturdays are the bomb for kickin back and doing what you love...this morning, despite feeling like pooh, i got up, took a loooong shower, put my hair in pig tails (which is a sure fire sign that i'm diggin my day and myself) and cleaned the mess out of my apartment...there's nothing like a little catharctic cleansing ;) all of that was followed by some football and man was it good. i must admit that i do miss ku football, there's nothing like the BIG XII but this "pac 10" stuff will have to do :) tonight i'm going to see "brother's grimm" with a movie bud of mine and it should be a slammin good time. i've decided that i have to try to enjoy life as much as possible. sitting here cooped up in eagle rock, punishing myself for not finding a job lickety split ain't helping a gosh darn person...as whitney would say "i can't live like that bobby i can't live like that!" remember, she's not a crack head...just crack headish according to jamie fox.


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