mama's girl

so my mo (my nickname for my mother) was supposed to come see me this weekend and check out cali and my new abode but because of the fuel issues right now she can't make it. i didn't realize how big of a mama's girl i truly was (am) until she wrote and gave me the bad news. hurrican katrina damn you!

i have friends who lived down in either nola or a town near by called slidell and i tell ya, this week has been really painful. everyone's got something to say, there's a lot of political opinions of how the tragedy is being covered...the effects i see personally are enough to bring me to tears though. thank God my girl made it out and my best friend's home is ok but the relief is short lived. does anyone else feel the highs and lows of it all? trying to live your life but then feeling guilty that people are down in texas (where they're sending everybody) right now suffering because they have no home, job, family to go back to? life is crazy


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