labor day!

For those that know me and know me well--today is labor day...what i'm taking a break from i have no clue though (wink) i'm actually on my way to a bbq with my twin and her husband. lets see if california folks can keep up with the kc smack downs of bbq land...i don't know folks...i don't know. this has been an interesting weekend. a friend texted me the other night and said he wanted to go see a movie, which of course angered me greatly since he lives in the midwest and i thought he was either being smart or had emailed the wrong chick BUT he was actually in la la land visiting fam so i was happy. it's good to hang with home...i hugged the poor boy and didn't want to let him go! i took him to this african expo thingy which was really cool. ;) and then it was over...sniff. more details on today to come!


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