i can feel it in the air...

for those that know me...i tend to hear a song and apply its message to my life..thus it becomes a theme song. for the time being "feel it in the air" by beanie is one such song. it's absolutely beautiful and i recommend going out and really listening to it. sometimes that ish can make me cry.

this all has a point though. so things are just starting to look up. a friend of mine mr. nooner called me the other night and told me that he seriously was missin my presence in kansas city and that touched me. more than that he said he just knew that i would make it cuz i had something special that pulled people in. i love all my friends...they say the sweetest things and sometimes that can totally keep me going. i've heard the story of the one frog who made it even though everyone was telling him he wouldn't just to find out that he was deaf and that's why he won...if he would have heard the negativity he would have lost, yadda yadda. well i know i should listen to my heart alone to do what i gotta do, but outside support is so cool.

the good thing is i do believe i will be a great actress some day soon...like the song i can just feel it in the air. i'm going to do something substantial with my life..i have a good friend out here who runs a small record label and she has been a huge support out here. so much so that she called a good acting friend of hers who has coached actors on four brothers, other john singleton movies, etc. and she just wrote me back saying she's heard such good things about me she wants me to call her today to work out when i can start my classes with her. talk about dope! i'm excited to begin my journey. i mean it's not just about the final product...i can't wait to be immerced into this life i have chosen for myself. i kinda want to cry cuz i'm so happy right now.

i need a cd burner so i can start making soundtracks of my adventures here in la la land.

i start my new job on monday and i'm totally pumped. i did have a dream that i totally went back to my other job in kc and forgot i was supposed to start here...oops. money is a good thing when it pays the bills. ;)

i love life right now...i spent a couple hours talking to a new friend last night and it was awesome...we just spent time talking about music and funny little quarks and all that jazz and i have to thank God that he's blessed me with such positive people out here. so many supportive and positive individuals. it's mind blowing


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