huntington beach

it's amazing how easily it was for me to fall in love with that michele is definitely practically my twin in every way (what movie did i still part of that phrase from chele?!) we got to the beach and just kicked the "Q" was a tight @$$ grill and made some excellent carne asada so i'm gonna have to say the california folks can indeed hold it down...i'm talking about the best meat, guac and peach salsa a girl has ever eaten! mmmm. why do things revolve around food all of a sudden for me? ya ever wonder? anyways. the weather out there is the shade somewhat perfect so i poked my feet out into the sun and rested in the shade...slept for an hour or up had good food, drank some good liquor (thank you bj!) and roasted if that ain't the perfect labor day i don't know what is? i'm drunk from giddiness..still!

so yes...that definitely is at the top of all time fun's up there with sabetha, ks weekend if that means anything ;) so many fun and interesting and might i add intelligent human beings just actin a "plum" fool on the beach...i felt like the song that features the lyrics "I'm coming home!" should have been playing in the background. california is just gettin better and better. now if that same karma could be applied to my job hunt we'd be straight! :)


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