bad boy face without the bad boy act

i saw a commercial today talking about the perfect 4 inch heels without the pain, the bad boy face without the bad boy act...can i just say that's pure genius..and alas why must i fall prey to the bad boy crap? it's hard to get me to admit i like bad boys. i really do try to get the good ones, but i'm lookin back and i'm a little angry at my past stuff and it still happens. honestly. it keeps me more interested in the beginning BUT i get sick of it and then move on (with the quickness). does the 'game' ever really get tiring though? i keep movin thru the rounds and it's the same stuff but the butterflies come nonetheless. my best friend just started a blog and her stuff is on point..she discusses politics and world/national issues and here i am discussing my infatuation with men that play games lol. i guess we just balance each other out.

i did have a fun day though. my roomie and i made the most out of my last days before i start my new job and went and looked at furniture for my place and all that good stuff AND i got pictures back that span as far back as my last week in kansas city. sniff...there's a pic of an ex (i don't know what the heck kinda ex he is but yeah) and that further intensified my drive to figure this bad boy stuff out. any theories folks?

it's gonna be a beautiful blog when tishy falls in love. IF tishy falls in love. just saying that is funny. i'm helping a good friend of mine with romance currently and i hope with all my might it works for him. love is a beautiful thing...when you're not playing games!


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