anal retentiveness inhibits the hustle

ok so i'm sitting upstairs in my roomy's part of the house playing on the puter and i keep hearing this weird hissing (air being released sound) every couple of's done this since i moved here, but today it's especially irritating...other than that it's a good day.

so i took a job waitressing at this really nice restaurant in pasedena called houston's. only catch...i suck at waitressing and i hate it so far. lol. oops! so i'm frantically looking for other work since i don't have my next training until next week. can we say picky picky poor girl?! it's all good though. i told ya'll i was different. i want to do it my way. i want to enjoy the work i do...period. even if it's not acting.

i just ate a gang full of beans today too so my tummy now hurts but i'm still in an upbeat mood cuz i'm hopeful that some of these other jobs i've applied for will come thru...anyone got any karma vibes they can send my way ;) lol

as for the past weekend. (i'm getting lazy on the blogs) i drove my little self up to sacremento (awesome long drive...totally worth it..on the way there). there are all kinds of beautiful golden hills all thru the drive, lots of cows too...which is why a certain area has gone from caulinga (sp?) to "cow linga" p.u. city but the cool breeze blasting thru your hair and good tunes totally make up for it. i stayed with my twin and her hubby in sac and she took me on a tour of the city....a city i have since fallen in love with and hope to move to someday. there's just something about the new with the old (they have the original area when the town was first settled) that just stirs it's like kc but with better surroundings (wink)

my girl's home is beautiful...her life is just inspired me and gave me a "go to" of how i want to live my (once i get a job i enjoy) [double wink] can i just tell you it's a beautiful thing to find someone with a similar life experience as you? i loved sitting down with my twin and just knowing that we had an understanding..that at certain points in the conversation we could both sit back and just look at each other, nod our heads and know. if i had my own tv show, that would be the part where we go to dream sequence and i'm getting up and hugging her uncontrollably while "halleluyah!" music plays in the background ;)

so yes. i am poor and miserable in many ways, but totally enriched and content in others. i'm still reading my Bible too for all my curious cats. the study guide makes this oh so nice to understand and read. shout out to vikk on that one once again. other books on the list...i'm reading the alchemist which is fantastic--if you have a dream, in the middle of trying for your dream, etc. you NEED to read this book. it's poetically perfect and, like a good song, totally relateable. my spelling isn't that on today, i apologize


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