sunday morning

OK the fear is definitely sinking in now. I HAVE to find a job tomorrow. I'll do whatever until I find something I can be comfortable with. Tishy needs a fridge and stuff to actually cook with or she's up a creek without a paddle. Nice, huh? about real life big kid stuff sucks!

As for stress free living (when I'm denying reality), yesterday I went to a party with my roommate and it was a beautiful mecca of beautiful people and I don't mean just physically. My roomie, Shannon, took me to her best friend's house where they were celebrating her mother's birthday and the departure of her brother who will soon leave to open a restaurant in another state. The cool thing, there were beautiful black folks everywhere and a lot of them were either from or had parents from everyone was speaking spanish and it was just beautiful. People started doing latin dances and kickin up the music and it was just awesome to sit back and watch. PLUS the food was the BOMB folks...I had this chicken stuff with fresh mangos...rices with beans...different meats cured and seasoned in ways I have never experienced before...The hostess of the evening had a beautiful house like Shannon too...Just really eclectic and colorful, black art everywhere...I felt like I was home in a deeper sense. In Los Angeles there are a lot of houses that have back houses behind the main house (not a slave's quarters folks!) and her back house was tight. She had a stereo system and plush couches and chairs with doors wide open so you could just sit and chill with the ocean breeze passing thru occasionally. Then there were colorful tables and chairs everwhere around this little house and the main house. In the back 'back' yard there was an open yard with a wall that was later used at night to project a movie on...It was really cool. I had a nice time...I met some really nice people that were giving me all kinds of advice to help me out in the industry. It's seriously on me to get things going. It just sucks to know that I'm worried about a fridge and cooking utensils right now instead of my art and perfecting what I've got. My first year in Los Angeles will seriously test me and change me...hopefully for the better!


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